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Sunfiniti specializes in improving profitability of businesses via cutting their energy costs. Water heating, air conditioning and process machinery can consume large amounts of energy that can add up to 50% cost of operating expense for a business. Now imagine having access to on-site technology solutions that not only will cut the operating expenses but improve the resale value of a property!

While electricity and fuel prices are going up; federal and state governments are providing significant financial benefits to promote the use of solar technologies that will protect your business form rising costs of energy. The FTC (Federal Tax Credit) is now set at 30% of the power system cost. Power utilities like Georgia Power are also actively supporting sustainable energy solutions via Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). These combined efforts make it a right time to improve your business financials.

How it will work
Sunfiniti will analyze the energy consumption of a business and provide the cost optimum solution using combination energy saving technologies like solar electric, solar hot water, indoor and outdoor energy efficient lights. Sunfinitiís years of experience with the installation and commissioning of state-of-the-art technologies will be leveraged in customized proposal for any business. In addition, Sunfiniti can build and provide an opportunity to earn revenue from open spaces (roofs, parking lots, acreage) at existing facilities for additional economic value via green Photo-Voltaic (PV) solar panel technology. Moreover, it will lower carbon footprint and support siteís sustainability initiatives.

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